White Label Manufacturing

Route 2 Health™️ offers contract white label manufacturing services. Our team helps clients develop their own herbal formulations and dietary supplements that are competitive with national brands.

Health + Wellness Services

Route 2 Health™️ also owns a Pilates studio, one of the top studios in Pakistan offering Pilates instructor training and certification programs. Our Pilates studio is a recognized education center.


Route 2 Health™️ is a privately held company based in UAE with marketing and sales operations in numerous Asian countries. Route 2 Health™️ is represented in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Canada. Route 2 Health™️ also partners with leading local distributors for other markets.

We manufacture and distribute variety of Phyto and Nutraceuticals Products in solid and liquid dosage forms.

We are committed to manufacture and supply safe, high quality Phyto and Nutraceutical Products to improve quality of life of customers by satisfying their needs.

By utilizing our professional expertise, we are manufacturing high quality health products by ensuring the modern and most compliant techniques

Using only the highest quality ingredients, Route 2 Health™️ yields cutting edge products that are safe, effective and validated.
Herbal medicines and nutritional supplements, like pharmaceuticals, are designed to supply medicine, nutrients, micronutrients and other physiologically active substances in predetermined quantities.


Route 2 Health™️ has comprised a unique team of doctors, pharmacists, and naturopaths working to merge ancient remedies with modern medicine, and pharmaceutical science. This highly skilled team lead the research and development initiatives of Route 2 Health™️.
Route 2 Health™️ is based out of a state-of-the-art facility located in Lahore, Pakistan. Route 2 Health™️ facility is approved by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) to manufacture herbal and nutritional products. Our production facility is GMP and ISO certified.




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