Route 2 Health™️ is a privately held company based in UAE with marketing and sales operations in numerous Asian countries. Route 2 Health™️ is represented in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Canada. Route 2 Health™️ also partners with leading local distributors for other markets.

We manufacture and distribute variety of Phyto and Nutraceuticals Products in solid and liquid dosage forms.


Our Methods

We are committed to manufacture and supply safe, high quality Phyto and Nutraceutical Products to improve quality of life of customers by satisfying their needs.

Our Mission

By utilizing our professional expertise, we are manufacturing high quality health products by ensuring the modern and most compliant techniques.

The Company

Route 2 Health™️ is part of Highnoon Laboratories Ltd, a Pakistan based pharmaceutical company that was incorporated in March 1984, and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Highnoon Laboratories is a leader in the development, production, marketing and distribution of modern, high quality and affordable medicines. With more than 100 signature products, Highnoon offers one of the diversified product portfolios for both national & international markets. Highnoon has two independent pharmaceutical facilities in Lahore: One facility is dedicated to general pharmaceuticals and the other dedicated to cephalosporin formulations for intra-venous, intra-muscular and oral uses. Highnoon was included in Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion 2019.

Our Practices

Using only the highest quality ingredients, Route 2 Health™️ yields cutting edge products that are safe, effective and validated.

Route 2 Health™️ integrates extensive expertise in pharmaceutical science with natural healing practices to manufacture and market plant-based solutions. Our premium supplements combine vitamins and patented plant nutrients to effectively prevent and treat disease.

Our Principles

Herbal medicines and nutritional supplements, like pharmaceuticals, are designed to supply medicine, nutrients, micronutrients and other physiologically active substances in predetermined quantities. Our extensive experience in pharmaceuticals enables Route 2 Health™️ to ensure that our products comply with the international standards of good manufacturing practices. Our standard for superior quality sets us apart from our competition.

Our Philosophy

Route 2 Health™️ embraces a holistic approach in the pursuit of optimal health, with consideration of the whole person.

We believe in evidence-based medicine and base our therapeutic claims on extensive research. We work closely with specialists and health professionals to evaluate the efficacy of our formulations.

Experts agree that the best way to get the nutrients we need is through the food we eat, however due to soil depletion, crops grown in the past were much more richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties available today. Missing essential nutrients can endanger our health by increasing our risk for heart diseases, stroke, cancer, and other serious health conditions. Route 2 Health™️ manufactures and markets vitamin and mineral supplements to address these deficiencies.

Quality Policy

We are committed to manufacture and supply Phyto and Nutraceutical Quality Products to improve the quality of life of human beings and by achieving this Route 2 Health™️ complies with GMP standards, satisfies the Regulatory & Statutory requirements and ensures customer satisfaction.

Route 2 Health™️ committed to maintain the quality management system for continual improvement and effectiveness of products at all level in the company.

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