Unparalleled in liver care, Liv. 52 helps restore your liver. It helps you get back on your feet by helping in better digestion and cleansing of toxic substances from the system. Now, you can enjoy life to the fullest.

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    “The perfect care for a healthy liver”

    Liv.52 is key in improving liver function. It is designed for the treatment and management of liver disorders including viral hepatitis, loss of appetite and protein-energy malnutrition.

    If you are wondering about the role of specific nutrients in Liv.52, read this guide to understand why your body needs each nutrient and what its dietary sources are.


    “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”


    Chicory (Kasani) protects the liver against alcohol toxicity. It is also a potent antioxidant, which can be seen by its free radical scavenging property and has hepatoprotective property.

    The Caper Bush

    It contains p-methoxy benzoic acid, which is a potent hepatoprotective. It prevents the elevation of malondialdehyde (biomarker for oxidative stress) levels in plasma and hepatic cells. Caper Bush also inhibits the ALT and AST enzyme levels and improves the functional efficiency of the liver and spleen. Flavonoids present in the Caper Bush exhibit significant antioxidant properties, as well.

    Important Information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Liv.52 is a Liver specific formulation, designed for the treatment and management of liver disorders. Liv.52 has a wide spectrum of therapeutic applications. Liv.52 restores the metabolic efficiency of the liver, minimizes damage to the hepatic parenchyma, and accelerates the rate of recovery in various liver disorders like infective hepatitis, drug-induced (ATT- and statin-induced) hepatitis, and alcohol-induced hepatic damage. Liv.52 is a valuable adjuvant during prolonged illness. In anorexia, Liv.52 improves appetite, digestion, and assimilation. Liv.52 also prevents the complications of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

    No adverse effects have been reported with Liv.52, if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

    Liv.52 is time-tested and trusted drug. It is well studied herbal drug with more than 250 clinical studies.

    Liv.52 can be safely consumed in pregnancy. In fact, there are several clinical trials that conclude that Liv.52 is effective in the management of jaundice and anorexia during pregnancy. Caution must be exercised for its usage in first trimester.

    Liv.52 is proven to be safe and effective in the management of infective hepatitis, anorexia and suboptimal growth in children. Liv.52 syrup can be safely consumed by children.

    Restores the metabolic efficiency of the liver. Protects the hepatic parenchyma. Promotes hepatocellular regeneration. Prevents the loss of functional integrity of cell membranes. Possesses antiperoxidative activity, normalizes the liver function tests, shortens the disease recovery period.

    It normalizes the basic appetite-satiety rhythm, increases bile secretion, restores liver function and corrects metabolism. Liv. 52 improves digestion and assimilation, increases serum protein and helps in weight gain. It does not cause drowsiness unlike conventional preparations.

    Liv. 52 reduces symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. It also reduces hepatomegaly score, ALT, AST, and normalizes ALP levels. Improves liver health.

    Liv 52 is herbal formulation backed by clinical studies. It is affective and a safe option for liver diseases. Liv.52 does not inhibit cytochrome P450 enzyme. It aids in ammonia detoxification with multiple other functions as well.

    Yes. Liv.52 is marketed in more than 65 countries.

    No, diabetic patient is not advised to take the syrup as it contains certain amount of sugar in it. For that purpose, Liv.52 DS and Tablet is recommended.

    Liv.52 is a complete true hepatoprotectant as compared to other hepatoprotectants. Natural ingredients in Liv.52 exhibit potent hepatoprotective actions. Liv.52 not only aids in regeneration of hepatocells but also improves appetite.



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