Prospan is a herbal cough syrup for respiratory diseases like cough and bronchitis with global presence in over 100 countries. It is alcohol-free, sugar-free & is free from artificial colouring, available as Prospan M (with menthol flavour) for adults and Prospan for children.

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    “World’s No. 1 selling IVY leaf cough syrup”

    Prospan has 4-fold power for the relief of cough and bronchitis. It has clinically proven efficacy and relives symptoms through thinning and breaking up stubborn mucus, dilating constricted bronchial tubes, relieving the urge to cough and inhibiting inflammation.

    If you are wondering about the role of specific nutrients in Prospan, read this guide to understand why your body needs each nutrient and what its dietary sources are.


    “Feel your life, not your cough”

    From acute to chronic

    Prospan provides effective relief for many symptoms – from acute coughs to chronic inflammatory bronchial conditions.

    Ivy extract EA 575®

    All ivy extracts are not same. Prospan has special ivy extract EA 575® which is clinically proven and endorsed by various global and national health authorities. The efficacy and tolerability of the EA 575® has also been well established in children and babies.

    Data from more than 65,000 patients

    Efficacy and tolerability confirmed in numerous clinical trials.

    Important Information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Prospan cough medicines provide effective relief in many ways: they can be used to treat both acute coughs and chronic inflammatory bronchial conditions. Prospan with the Special-Ivy-Extract EA 575® provides fourfold powerful relief from coughs and bronchitis: Prospan loosens mucus, helps you to breathe more easily, reduces the urge to cough and soothes inflammation.

    All Prospan Cough preparations contain the special ivy extract EA 575®. This special extract is able to effectively treat the complex process of coughing: Prospan loosens the mucus that is stuck in the bronchi, which can be coughed up more easily and thus leave the body. Thanks to the relaxing effect on the bronchi, narrowed airways are widened and you can breathe freely again. In addition, Prospan alleviates the urge to cough and fight inflammation.

    The Prospan Cough preparations are characterized by the fact that they are produced in an individual and unique manufacturing process. This exclusive process creates the very special Prospan Ivy special extract EA 575®. The exact composition and production of an ivy extract has a significant influence on its actual effectiveness. And it is precisely for this reason that herbal extracts and our special ivy extract EA575® are not simply interchangeable with one another and hence therefore unique!

    Prospan provides effective relief for a wide range of symptoms. Prospan can be taken not only for acute forms of cough but also as a supplement to therapies for chronic inflammatory bronchial conditions accompanied by coughing.

    The outstanding tolerability of Prospan Cough Syrup also makes it suitable for the treatment of babies (a doctor should be consulted before treatment of babies under 12 months of age).

    Prospan doesn’t cause sedation or drowsiness. Hence it doesn’t affect the quality of life and consumers can perform daily function efficiently.

    The efficacy and tolerability of the special ivy ex­tract EA 575® has already been examined and comprehensively documented in numerous studies*, also with regard to small children and babies.

    * Lang et al., PlantaMedica, 81(12/13), 968-974.

    Prospan should not be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding as there are currently no conclusive clinical studies regarding its suitability.

    Yes, Prospan is gluten-free.

    The ingredients in the Prospan contain no lactose.

    Yes, all Prospan is suitable for diabetics.

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